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Web 3.0 developers 

We develop   Web 3.0  and Dapp projects that use Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain Blockchains and Metamask Ethereum/BinanceSC wallet to deliver services like: token sales, ERC20 token creations, BEP20 token creation, token distribution snippets for marketing campaigns, blockchain data visualizations, Trello integrations via API's. 

Web 3.0 the wallet connected web

Web 3.0 allows to connect your apps and webs with digital wallets to manage al kind of digital assets
Contact us for web 3.0  assesment, products, custom devs and training. 


Our mision is offer the best  Defi experience to clubbers that also become stakeholders, users, clients and investors fron the club.  web3.0 agile developement services for customers we love.

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Technology we use

Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Metamask, Vue.js, Svelte, Docker, API's, Real time...

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